Small Space? Grow a Balcony or Patio Garden!

With a little creativity and the right plants, you can grow a stellar garden—no yard necessary.

| March/April 2011

Your garden could defy the laws of physics. Designing a gravity-busting vertical garden doesn’t require much—a little design creativity, a few upwardly mobile plants and the right tools for the task are really all you need to create a small-space garden bursting with fresh food, gorgeous blooms and tantalizing scents. Don’t let silly details (like not having a yard) deprive you of the wonders of a garden.

Up and At ’Em 

Begin your garden by choosing gravity-defiant plants that grow upward such as squash, cucumbers, tomatoes, beans, passionflower, morning glories, honeysuckle, clematis, ivies and wisteria. Place pots on mounted wall shelves, buy or build stackable planters, and use trellises. Vertical planting allows for creative development!

Location, Location, Location 

The direction your balcony or patio faces is of major importance. Most plants require at least five sunny hours a day. Wind exposure can be a problem. Be cautious of unprotected open areas—you can create windbreaks with planted trellises on balconies or rows of shrubs near patios. Consult experienced neighbors or local nurseries to determine the best plants for your location.

Bug Off 

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