The Medicinal Herb Catnip - Not Just for Felines

The medicinal herb catnip is not just a plant for the enjoyment of felines, but can also be used in humans to calm nerves and soothe the digestive tract.

| November/December 2003


The medicinal herb catnip is not just fun for felines but also helpful for humans.

Photo By Christopher Hobbs

Learn about the medicinal herb catnip, its not just an intoxicant for felines but also useful as medicine for humans as well.

Common names: Catnip, catmint, catswort

Latin name: Nepeta cataria

Family: Lamiaceae

Part used: Leaves and flowers

Medicinal uses: The medicinal herb catnip works for felines and people. In people, catnip helps calm the nerves and soothe the digestive tract. It also may help relieve menstrual cramps. The herb also makes a good, mild tea for colds, flu and fever. In most cats, the herb has intoxicating effects.

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