Your October Garden Checklist

By Annie Thornton, Houzz

I like having options — from which flavor of tea to drink after lunch to which route I’ll take to walk home. Gardening this month is no different. Whether you’re after garden chores or perhaps some seasonal puttering, it’s all about picking your own path. 

You can prep soil for spring planting, divide grasses and transplant perennials, even tuck in more cool-season edibles. Alternatively, you can just enjoy fall’s splendor and put off some of the season’s more tedious tasks. Let fallen leaves provide hearty mulch for your lawns and hold off, for now, on cutting back spent summer and fall plants. Instead, take some time to sit back and watch the leaves change. It’s your garden, so enjoy it. Here’s what you can do in your garden this October. 

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October Garden 1
Pomegranate Tree, original photo on Houzz


Garden editor Bill Marken suggests potting trees and shrubs for a permanent and festive seasonal touch. 

"Pomegranates symbolize fall in Mediterranean climates," Marken writes. "Like early Christmas ornaments, the fat, round red fruits hang heavy on spindly branches along with small leaves turning an autumn yellow. For a container, look for a dwarf variety such as 'Nana', displaying fall foliage and tiny red fruits if you're lucky."