How to Bring Fragrance to the Garden

By Kathy Vilim, Houzz

You can go beyond a visually appealing garden by tapping into another sense: the sense of smell. Scents can bring a feeling of familiarity, rekindle old memories and create new memories. There are many fragrant plants that you can incorporate to create a garden that friends will remember and that will make you feel at home. What types of plants to use? It depends on where you live and your available space.

Kimberley Bryan, original photo on Houzz

The extremely fragrant white flowers of confederate jasmine (Trachelospermum jasminoides; USDA Zone 8) bloom spring through summer.

1. Fragrant vines. Conserve garden space by growing vertically with vines. Vines can be trained up a trellis or left to cascade over a wall on the side of your garden. A trellis can be placed in many spots, but take time to consider its placement, as you will not want to move it once you train your vine.

Consider placing your trellis close to a spot where you like to relax — maybe near where you like to have tea outside, do yoga or entertain. It’s best to keep fragrant vines away from cooking areas, as the fragrance may be too intense and overwhelm your meal.

Some beautiful choices for fragrant vines include climbing roses, honeysuckle and jasmine.