Tonic Garden Plan

Feel rejuvenated among alfalfa, cicely and dandelion while taking a stroll in this Tonic Garden.

By Marietta Marshall Marcin

Teas to soothe, teas to relieve, teas to rejuvenate—Herbal Tea Gardens (Storey Publishing, 1999) contains everything you need to know to grow, blend and brew healthful and delicious herbal teas. You’ll find more than 100 tea recipes, as well as 22 illustrated garden plans. Try a couple energizing tea recipes made with herbs featured in this stimulating Tonic Garden. Find more herbal tea garden plans in 3 Herbal Tea Gardens for Health and Well-Being.

You can purchase this book from the Mother Earth Living store: Herbal Tea Gardens.

This garden is composed of herbs that are considered tonic and energizing. Beside a gently winding walkway, plant a long curve of dandelion, followed by an echoing sweep of alfalfa. Consecutively shorter rows of borage, then cicely close off the design to the southeast. Edge the other side of the walkway with thyme. You may wish to use several different varieties (such as lemon thyme and English thyme) for more color and textural interest. Balance out the planting with fenugreek, borage, and cicely.