Relaxation Garden Plan

Calming herbs such as lavender and chamomile make this Relaxation Garden a prime place to visit at the end of a stressful day.

By Marietta Marshall Marcin

Teas to soothe, teas to relieve, teas to rejuvenate—Herbal Tea Gardens (Storey Publishing, 1999) contains everything you need to know to grow, blend and brew healthful and delicious herbal teas. You’ll find more than 100 tea recipes, as well as 22 illustrated garden plans. Design this Relaxation Garden to unwind in a peaceful setting with a cup of calming tea. Find more herbal tea garden plans in 3 Herbal Tea Gardens for Health and Well-Being.

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These calming herbs provide all the ingredients you’ll need to make relaxing teas. You could even place a comfortable chair or chaise longue right near this portion of your garden and sip calming tea there!

Make this garden your place of relaxation with a variety of soothing scents, shapes, and flowers. Lay flagstones as a long walkway between two small gardens, perhaps with a slightly wider section where you can put a bench or chaise longue on which to sit and relax. A row of fragrant lavender follows the shape of the walkway and forms the edge of a border of oregano, lemon verbena, hibiscus, catnip, chamomile, and borage. These surround a central linden tree, which, in early summer, will produce aromatic yellow flowers.