Get Your Garden Ready For Spring

Get a jump on spring gardening before the snow melts with this checklist.

| February/March 2002

Winter is the time to think about spring! In some parts of the country, the garden is already starting to wake up. Are you ready?

Here’s a checklist of things to do:

• Be sure you know the average frost-free date in your area. If you don’t know, a quick call to your county extension office will answer that question. This date tells you when to have all your new plants ready to go into the garden.

• Clean all your tools and sharpen any that need it, if you didn’t get this done in the fall. Have your lawn mower serviced. Buy or order any new tools or supplies you may need.

• Set up grow lights in the basement or a spare bedroom. If you haven’t started herbs and vegetables from seed before, try it. It’s fun and rewarding. Examples of herbs that are easy to grow from seed include basil, feverfew, horehound, hyssop, and calendula.

• Do you have lots of mail-order garden catalogs? If not, order some. They’re great for ideas and inspiration. You can count on many common herbs being available at your local nursery, but if you want to try special cultivars or unusual plants, you’ll need a mail-order source you can trust. You’ll find good mail-order companies among The Herb Companion advertisers.

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