To-Dos: Your January Garden Checklist

By Annie Thornton, Houzz

The holidays are receding from view, and the excitement of the new year is brimming. Whether tending your garden is a New Year’s resolution or a release, all sorts of garden chores can make you feel productive this month. Scan seed catalogs, prune deciduous trees, leave some food and water out for hungry birds or maybe just enjoy the vista of a winter landscape. Think about what you’d like to accomplish in your garden this year, big or small. Here’s how you can get started in 2017, region by U.S. region.

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January Garden 1
The New York Botanical Garden, original photo on Houzz


Now that deciduous trees are dormant, it’s “time to sharpen your pruning tools and tidy up your deciduous trees,” writes landscape designer Karen Chapman.

You may be asking yourself, Why prune trees now? “In warm weather the sap rises in the tree,” she says. “Think of this as the tree’s food supply. When we remove branches in warm weather, we remove the food that has been taken to those branches. If instead we prune while the tree is dormant, no food resources are wasted.”