Garden Spaces: Grow These Mints In Your Balcony Garden

| August/September 2010

  • Illustration by Gayle Ford

• Peppermint (M. ×piperita). Many varieties available. ‘Chocolate’, with its dark stems and slight but distinct chocolate aroma, is a favorite and is easy to find at garden centers; another to try is ‘Lime’.

• Orange mint (M. ×piperita ‘Orange’ or ‘Citrata’). A refreshing peppermint hybrid that goes by a number of different names. Attractive and fast-growing, often with a purplish tinge to the new growth.

• Grapefruit mint (M. ×piperita ‘Grapefruit’). This bushy herb has a strong grapefruit flavor. One of the best in terms of fragrance and flavor and is not as aggressive as most.

• Lemon mint (M. ×piperita ‘Hillary’s Sweet Lemon’). Mint hybrid with a sweet spearmint scent with a hint of citrus. Named for Hillary Clinton.

• Spearmint (M. spicata). Spearmint is considered the best for culinary use. Try ‘Kentucky Colonel’ for its large, ruffled leaves and clean flavor, or ‘Crispa’. ‘Nana’ is a cultivar used in Moroccan cooking.

• Apple mint (M. ×villosa), also called woolly apple mint. Vigorous, upright grower, attractive light green leaves that are softly fuzzy. Excellent flavor.

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