Wheat Weaving Crafts Projects

Learn how to create these wheat weaving crafts projects, includes step-by-step instructions and supply lists to make these five-straw flat braid, wheat-straw rose and cornucopia crafts.

| October/November 1992

Find out how to make these decorative wheat weaving crafts projects using homegrown wheat from your farm.

Wheat Weaving Crafts Projects

The three main supplies you need for wheat weaving are sewing-weight, wheat-colored thread; sharp-pointed scissors; and a spray bottle of water for keeping the wheat wet.

A warning to cat owners: In my experience, cats react to wheat weavings much as they do to catnip and are likely to rip the woven pieces apart. Keep this in mind when choosing a work space and when deciding where and how to display wheat weavings.

Five-Straw Flat Braid Weaving Project

In earlier days, this was one of the basic braids of the straw hat industry, and it lends itself to many decorative uses. The bow shown above is made by doubling over and tying ­together two five-straw flat braids of equal length.

Select five wet straws of approximately equal size and tie them together just under the heads. Lay them with the head ends toward you on a flat surface, and position three straws to the right and two to the left.

Lift the inner straw of the right-hand group and move the outer straw under it, over the center straw, so that the moving straw lies parallel to the left-hand group. Lay down the lifted straw. The straw that moved is now the inner straw of three on the left, and there are only two straws on the right. Now mirror the same process with the left-hand group: lift the inner straw and move the outer straw under it, making it the inner straw of the right-hand group. Repeat the entire process. When the desired length is woven, tie the five strands together tightly with thread.

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