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Popcorn Spice Recipe

Make this Popcorn Spice recipe to use as a handcrafted herbal gift for family and friends this holiday season.

Popcorn Spice Recipe

The perfect nutritious condiment—great to eat while you watch
your favorite seasonal movie.

• 3 parts nutritional yeast flakes
• 1 part dill weed
• Dash each of: cumin, chili powder, paprika, garlic, cayenne, and

1. Mix all of the ingredients. Drizzle your popcorn with butter or
olive oil and sprinkle on the spice mixture.

Mindy Green is an herbalist, aromatherapist, educator, and writer. She is also an esthetician, a consultant to the
natural products industry, and director of education at the Herb Research Foundation in Boulder, Colorado. She is the author
Calendula (Keats, 1998), Natural Perfumes (Interweave, 1999), and co-author of 
Aromatherapy: A
Complete Guide to the Healing Art (The Crossing Press, 1995).

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  • Published on Nov 1, 2001
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