Growing Lettuce in Containers: DIY Salad Colander

Harvest lettuce right from your kitchen by planting it in a colander. This super simple project even makes for an impressive table display.

By Philippa Pearson

Small Space Garden Ideas

Small Space Garden Ideas (DK Publishing, 2014) by Philippa Pearson redefines “small garden” for people who really have no garden at all. Drawing on inexpensive recycling ideas and simple craft skills, these step-by-step projects make the most of your balcony garden, patio, or roof. In this excerpt from the section “Micro Garden,” learn how to grow lettuce in unique containers such as a kitchen colander.

You can purchase this book from the Mother Earth Living store: Small Space Garden Ideas.

Sow red and green leaf lettuce seeds in a vintage colander for a stunning effect inspired by patchwork. It makes an impressive display at dinner parties where guests can cut their own fresh salad leaves.