Get Artsy in the Garden With Pebble Mosaics

By Laura Gaskill, Houzz

Mosaics are one of the world’s oldest art forms, thriving in ancient Greece and Rome, and still popular to this day. But there’s more to mosaics than colorful tilework — in fact, some of the earliest examples of mosaics used natural pebbles set in mortar to decorate floors and pave walkways. Invite some of the rich history and natural beauty of pebble mosaics into your garden with these inspiring examples.

Gardens by Jeffrey Bale, original photo on Houzz

Artful expression. Pebble mosaics can be as individualized and original as any other kind of art, as shown in this garden path in Portland, Oregon. The beauty of pebble mosaic is that it can be simple enough for a beginner to tackle yet allows for limitless range in creative freedom for masters of the art form.

What is pebble mosaic? Creating a mosaic involves arranging small, hard objects (often bits of tile or stone) onto a surface covered in mortar and finished with an application of grout. In pebble mosaic, smooth pebbles are used to create the patterns in place of tile, giving the mosaic a more organic look. Natural variations in stone can be used to create areas of different hues in a pebble mosaic, and the pebbles may also be accented with colorful tumbled glass or marbles.

Landscape Details Inc, original photo on Houzz