DIY Miniature Wreaths

Make these DIY miniature wreaths using your leftover dried herbs and flowers, includes material to use for wreath base, detailed instructions to make a wreath and a supply list.

| October/November 1992

These DIY miniature wreaths make a perfect decoration for the home or as a thoughtful handmade gift.

When I first encountered Jane LeGros’s miniature wreaths, I was charmed by the circular row of orderly little knots. It transported me back to my sailing days, when we used this particular knot — the half-knot spiral — to protect exposed wood and metal parts from the harsh marine environment. Although I haven’t sailed in some time, I still use macrame in my daily life to make curtain tiebacks, plant hangers, hanger loops for tools, and other useful and decorative items. Trimming these little wreaths is half the fun, and you can achieve many interesting effects with minute quantities of the tansy, baby’s-breath, or statice that’s left over from October’s harvest.

Making DIY Miniature Wreaths

Any type of ring can be made into an attractive wreath, but I found the most pleasing effects came from thin plastic curtain rings with an oval cross section (called “carbone rings” at our local variety store) and 3/8-inch wooden rings. Depending on the look you want, you can use any size cord from bulky, soft cotton to thin, strong silk. If you use bulky cord, the knotting goes fast and the wreath looks fuller. For convenience, these instructions are written for thin cord; if you’re using bulky cord, use half the number of pieces or ends and half the length.

What You'll Need:

• Several rings 1 1/2 to 2 inches in ­diameter
• 12 to 16 yards of knotting cord for each ring
• Dried plant material, ribbons, shells, and miniature evergreen cones
• Hot-glue gun
• Wire hangers for tree decorations ­(optional)

The Wreath Making Process

1. Cut two pieces of cord about 6 yards long for each small ring or 8 yards long for each large one. Be generous when measuring; you can’t add cord partway through the project.

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