Beautiful Butterfly Garden Plan

Encourage beautiful butterflies to visit your garden by following this butterfly garden plan. Check out the detailed illustrations for an easy-to-follow guide.

By Nancy J. Ondra

Five Plant Gardens by Nancy Ondra

If you have little to no gardening experience, but want to add color and texture to your yard, turn to Nancy J. Ondra’s new book Five-Plant Gardens (Storey Publishing, 2014). In this excerpt, from the chapter “Five-Plant Gardens for Full Sun to Partial Shade,” Ondra shows you how to create a beautiful butterfly garden with detailed illustrations. Find another gorgeous garden plan here: Amazing Rain Garden Plan.   

You can purchase this book from the Mother Earth Living store: Five Plant Gardens

Any time you plant flowers in your yard, you increase the chances that butterflies will visit your yard to check them out. But if you really want to draw in these “floating flowers” and encourage them to linger longer, planting a garden filled with their favorite food sources is the way to go. Butterflies are especially fond of blooms that are made up of many small blossoms, such as daisy-form flowers, which are packed with nectar and pollen for the adults to eat. It’s also smart to include perennials with leaves that the caterpillars like to feed on, so you’re supporting the next generation, too.