Garden to Make a Difference

Try these eight simple steps to garden more responsibly.

| July/August 2009

  • Try these eight simple actions to make a difference through gardening.
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By eliminating products and plants that pollute our environment and require large amounts of water, gardeners have a tremendous opportunity to protect and preserve our planet’s health.

Gardeners have witnessed the impact of climate change in recent years. Higher-than-average temperatures cause plants to leaf earlier, birds and butterflies to breed and migrate earlier, and many wildlife species to move to higher elevations and farther north. Climate zone maps are being redrawn as data confirms that warmer zones are migrating north.  

As temperatures increase, invasive plants and pests overtake native species and destroy fragile ecosystems. Climate change is exacerbating weather extremes around the world. Conditions range from excessive rain and potential flooding to severe drought. 

As gardeners, environmental stewardship is our responsibility. Consider the following list of eight simple actions you can do right now.
Try these simple actions

1. Use rain barrels to capture roof runoff.

2. Catch problems early. Proactive detection makes controlling pests and diseases easier and more eco-friendly.

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