Calling all Dreamers

Hints, wishes and garden-variety fantasies from some of our favorite herb lovers.

| December/January 2003

As secret desires go, ours might not set pulses racing. But now that most gardens lie dormant and winter’s chill keeps us closer to hearth than yard, our minds turn to those gadgets and great ideas that would make gardening’s sweet perfection all the sweeter. Or maybe we’re thinking of that one gizmo that would keep our labors from being such a consummate pain in the Aster novae-angliae.

Scratch any gardener and you’ll find, just beneath the surface, a complete gear-head. It’s not that we’re greedy, it’s just that we’ve thoroughly embraced the great truth of our fathers: For every task, there’s a tool. This should be good news for those who love us: If there’s a gardener in your life, you never need to look far for a gift. Sometimes, what we most yearn for is some time to ourselves and a hand shoveling the compost.

What are you wishing for during these long winter days? What’s the best gardening gift you’ve ever given or received? Are you an herb lover, dreaming the winter away? What’s the stuff of your dreams? Write us a letter or an e-mail and let us know. Meanwhile, a few of our favorite herb lovers have made some wishes of their own. We hope you enjoy hearing from them; perhaps you’ll be inspired to try something new.

A friend took me out to dinner on the downtown Chicago riverfront recently in a fabulous restaurant. The meal was so perfect that I felt there could be no adequate end to such enchanting food. Then the waiter brought us a steaming pot of Silver Needles with Jasmine Tea. It was almost a spiritual experience: sipping that tea, smelling the aroma!

Upon investigation I found the tea is a special blend, offered by Todd and Holland Tea Merchants. Not only do they offer some of the best premium teas of the world, they also have special tea tours, including

one next April to China, in which you tour the famous, as well as some of the more exclusive, tea-growing regions of that country.

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