Best for the Garden: SunLawn, Vermont Woods, High Country Gardens

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| March/April 2008

Hot house flowers: Pre-Planned Strip Garden

Want a low-water strip garden that can take the heat? High Country Gardens’ Inferno Strip Pre-Planned Garden is a collection of tough, low-growing perennials that need minimal water and thrive in sun-scorched areas. The garden’s variety of species, such as agastache, penstemon, dianthus and artemesia, blossom in shades of purple, pink and red.

"High Country Gardens is committed to the principles of xeriscaping," spokesperson Randy Schultz says. And the company practices what it preaches. "At its Santa Fe headquarters, High Country boasts a state-of-the-art rainwater-harvesting system that provides irrigation water for the plants the company raises and sells," Schultz says.

Inferno Strip Garden: $145. (800) 925-9387

Make a reel difference: Reel Mower

If you prefer the scent of fresh-cut grass to mower exhaust, make the switch to a reel mower by Sunlawn. The pollution- and carbon-emissions reduction will be enormous.

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