Best for the Garden: Grace Note, Planet Natural, Sun Frost

Our top 9 ways to green up your yard.

| May/June 2006


Because they gobble up night-flying insects such as mosquitoes, bats can be a welcome addition to any yard. Lure these creatures into your garden’s ecosystem with Rubicon International’s recycled-plastic bat house, which can hold up to 150 bats. $80. (888) 478-2473;

1. Grace Note’s precision-tuned wind chimes come in a variety of tones, sizes and designs, all featuring strikers made from recycled lumber. More than 95 percent of the company’s production waste is recycled. $45 to $500. (800) 738-5242.

2. Access your garden’s secret places with Paloma Pottery’s stepping stones, infused with recycled glass collected from roadsides, trails and recycle bins. $60 each. (877) 669-0783.

3. Every Adirondack chair made by Conversion Products takes 240 one-gallon milk jugs out of the waste stream. Conversion makes a variety of furniture that’s attractive and virtually maintenance free. Prices vary; Adirondack chairs start at $250. (888) 236-2212.

4. A must-have for every environmentally conscious gardener is Gayle Weinstein’s Xeriscape Handbook: A How-to Guide to Natural Resource-Wise Gardening (Fulcrum Publishing, 1999).

5. Ladybugs help keep your garden healthy by feasting on unwanted pests. Just one of these brightly colored insects can eat as many as 5,000 aphids in its lifetime. Order ladybugs from Planet Natural. $20.95 for approximately 4,500 ladybugs. (800) 289-6656.

6. Beckon butterflies to your garden by planting the Nature Store’s flower seed collections. The Garden Sprinkles ($3.50) or Scatter Garden ($12.95) kits create perfect butterfly habitats. (800) 345-1638.

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