Garlic (Allium sativum) has long been used as an herbal remedy for various ailments. It is probably most well-known for its role in cardiovascular health—in a classic study, researchers at New York Medical College in Valhalla analyzed five previous studies and found that one clove of garlic a day reduces cholesterol by 9 percent. While garlic is an herbal mainstay for heart health, it also plays an important role in fighting infections and viruses like colds and coughs. Take advantage of its healing power by growing garlic at home. Garlic is a great plant to include in a small garden. It is easy to grow in most any climate, and is ready to harvest from June to August, depending on the variety and growing climate. Keep it around to enhance the flavor of almost any dish imaginable—you can use it liberally every day!

All About Garlic: Growing, Cooking and More

Below we feature some of our best garlic articles throughout the years. Grow garlic at home; learn how best to harvest garlic and store garlic for the winter; and discover just how versatile it can be in the kitchen! Plus, try our plethora of garlic remedies for common maladies.

Grow Your Own Garlic

It’s easy to become enthralled with the history and lore of this time-tested remedy. Discover garlic varieties, shapes, sizes, flavors, and how simple growing garlic is.

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Harvest Garlic Like a Pro

Liven up your dinner table with delicious, healthful, homegrown garlic. We provide garlic gardening guidelines, planting pointers, recipes and more.

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7 Garlic-Infused Recipes

We all know that garlic offers a bevy of benefits, so why not incorporate it into your daily meals? Find inspiration with our seven garlic-infused recipes.

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