Victorian Tussie Mussie: No-Muss Tussie Mussies

| April/May 1996

  • Create your own tussie mussie with our no-fuss instructions.


• Fresh roses, herbs, other flowers, and leaves
• Waxed floral tape
• Pruning shears or scissors
• 1 finger cut from a cotton-knit glove
• Tapestry needle
• Elastic thread
• 2/3 yard 3-inch-wide lace
• 1 yard double-sided satin ribbon about 1/2 inch wide to match or complement one of the flower colors


1. Plan your message, and then choose and assemble the flowers and herbs that you want to use.

2. Trim all the stems to 5 to 6 inches long and strip the leaves off the lower half of the stems.

3. Choose a rose or other prominent flower for the center of the tussie-mussie, surround it with sprigs of herbs, and bind the stems together with floral tape. The warmth from your hands makes the waxed tape stretchy and able to stick to itself.

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