Make it Now: Carry Spring Indoors

Bring woodland romance to your table with this basket of soft green moss and twigs.

| April/May 2008

  • All of the materials needed to make moss baskets are available at craft shops, except for the fresh branches. To ensure freshness and pliability, cut the branches just before you make the basket. Spirea and low-bush blueberry work well, but any fresh, pliable, twiggy branch will do.
    Ned Williams

Here’s the perfect project for celebrating the beginning of spring and the end of a long winter. Making moss baskets is fun for everyone and can be an ideal way to introduce children to crafting. This basket takes just an hour to make and can be personalized with pieces of lichen, bark, acorn caps or dried flowers. You can make it any size and with or without handles.

Having a dinner party? Decorate each guest’s place with little moss baskets filled with pots of fragrant herbs, miniature daffodils or tiny roses. Or cluster the baskets in the center of the table with votive lights tucked around them, then give them to guests as gifts at the end of the evening. Use a large basket as a centerpiece, overflowing with potted herbs, hand-colored eggs or fresh strawberries on a bed of clean straw.


Several sheets newspaper

Two or four 15- to 20-inch twiggy branches, leaves removed

Three 12-inch pieces of #28 florist wire

One 8-inch shallow round basket (without handle)*

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