Herb Love: Prepare Fresh Herbs for a Floral Wedding Arrangement

Fresh herbs are a wedding tradition steeped in symbolic meaning and make a beautiful addition to any wedding.

| February/March 2000

  1. To prepare fresh herbs so that they will hold up in a floral wedding arrangement, immediately plunge freshly cut stalks into a container of water at room temperature, then leave it in a cool place for several hours to overnight. Commercial floral preservatives or bleach may increase longevity, but I avoid using them when working with herbs that may later be eaten. Herbs conditioned without preservatives will last about a week, plenty of time to assemble and enjoy them at a wedding.
  2. Pick herbs early in the morning, when they contain the most water and are least likely to wilt after cutting. Cut stems at a 45° angle with a sharp blade as bruising them can reduce water uptake; remove any foliage that will be under water. Always use clean containers to minimize bacterial contamination.
  3. Keep completed the floral wedding arrangement in a cool location out of direct sunlight; mist them occasionally to prevent wilting.

Theresa Loe is the author of Herbal Weddings: Past and Present.

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