Annie, Sweet Annie: A Sweet Annie Garden Wreath

| October/November 1993

Makes a 12- to 13-inch wreath

Crafting a wreath of dried herbs and flowers is a creative way to bring the color and fragrance of the garden inside for year-round enjoyment. You can decorate the sweet Annie base as shown on page 31, or select from a wide variety of other decorative everlastings and trims to achieve a look you like.


• Wire clothes hanger or wire of similar thickness (or 9-inch wire hoop from a craft store)
• Wire cutter or pliers with side cutter
• Spool of fine (20- to 30-gauge) wire, thin monofilament fishing line, or heavy-duty button and carpet thread
• White craft glue (such as Alene’s Tacky Glue)
• Spray mist bottle
• At least 6 ounces dried sweet Annie
• 6 stems each of dried German statice, yarrow, baby’s-breath, and nigella pods
• Several strawflowers

If you’d like to experiment, try other dried herb flowers such as salvia, larkspur, globe amaranth, and lavender for the decorative part of the wreath. Many kinds of herb foliage also are attractive for decoration. Ribbons, bows, raffia, and other decorative trimmings can be added for different effects.


If the dried plant materials are brittle, mist them with a water spray 5 to 10 minutes before you’re ready to use them. This will make them more pliable and less dusty to work with. Keep the mist bottle handy while you’re working with them, and mist occasionally to maintain pliability. However, don’t mist any plants that are already pliable; they probably have been treated with glycerin.

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