Vegan Banana Bread Recipe with Sunflower Seeds

| 11/6/2015 6:00:00 AM

This bread is a true quick bread, in that it prepares for the oven in about 10 minutes. Its great slathered with whole fruit preserves or your favorite nut butter.

loaf of banana bread 

Vegan Banana Bread Recipe with Sunflower Seeds

Makes 1 loaf | Ease Factor: 2


• 1-1/3 cups sliced bananas (about 1 very large or 2 small)
• 1-2/3 cups nondairy milk (a thicker variety works best)
• 2 cups whole wheat pastry flour
• 4 tablespoons ground golden flaxseeds
• 2-1/4 teaspoons baking powder
• 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
• 1/4 teaspoon sea salt
• 1 cup raw unsweetened shredded dried coconut
• 1/2 cup Sucanat, brown sugar, or your preferred dry sweetener
• 1/2 cup pitted and diced dates
• 1/2 cup roasted, unsalted sunflower seeds


1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. Lightly coat a 9x5-inch loaf pan with vegan margarine.

2. Put the banana slices and 1⁄3 cup of the nondairy milk in a small bowl and mash until smooth using a potato masher or large fork.