A Summertime Favorite: French Tarragon & Grapefruit Sparkler

| 7/20/2010 11:33:53 AM

Unwind with this herb-infused drink while enjoying your summer at the beach.

It's truly a pleasure writing for The Herb Companion for the last four years. Incidentally, I also write for two sister magazines of Ogden Publications – GRIT and Natural Home. To date, I've written over 1,000 published articles, including features on gardening, green living, travel, home design, sustainability, beauty, healthy cooking and good eating.  You can reach me at: lstarart@gmail.com

Inspired by KC's blog 10 Herbs for Your Kitchen Garden, which was about French tarragon and the excellent July 2010 cover recipe, Basil Limeade, I created this naturally-sweetened French Tarragon & Grapefruit Sparkler. The first time I tasted this I did a little dance in my kitchen—I couldn't believe how refreshing, delicious and calming it was.

As KC so aptly observes in her blog, French tarragon  (Artemsia dracunculus L.) should not be confused with Russian tarragon (A. dracunculoides L.).  My recipe showcases the subtle licorice sweetness of French tarragon, which strikes a lovely balance with the uplifting tartness of grapefruit.

I've also added a touch of lavender, which helps you soothe and relax on a hot summer's day. Since I wrote my July 2010 article The Cloisters Museum and Gardens, I've been fascinated with the medieval cultivation of lavender. I'm enjoying exploring lavender's many culinary uses, including its use in beverages.

French Tarragon & Grapefruit Sparkler