Studying Abroad: A Recipe from Florence, Italy

| 4/29/2009 2:04:57 PM


Italy holds a special place in my heart—I lived there for four months while studying abroad in Florence. When I read about the earthquake in L’Aquila, Italy on April 6, I was overcome with emotions. I looked around my home and felt terrible that I had a roof over my head and there were tens of thousands homeless. According to BBC News, 1,500 people were injured and 90 people have been reported dead. That number is expected to rise.

The tragedy in Italy made me grateful for the beautiful days I had during my study abroad experience. As an art history major with a focus on the Italian Renaissance, I studied abroad to experience the art I had been studyng.

While I was in Italy my taste buds transformed. I went from strongly disliking many vegetables, red meat and garlic to incorporating them into my cooking. Prior to Italy, my cooking consisted of the microwave and a pack of frozen fish sticks!

My Italian apartment was centrally located and close to the old train station, which was converted into a fresh market.