Spring Garden Tips: 3 Springtime Recipes

| 4/19/2010 12:38:07 PM

N.HeraudYou can check out the Lemon Verbena Lady at her blog http://lemonverbenalady.blogspot.com.

Spring has progressed in the Pittsburgh area. In fact, there have been summer days here already. It is always a delight to see what has started to grow in the spring herb garden. After we had the two-foot snow in early February, I hoped that the herbs would be OK when the snow was gone. Here are three herbs I've found growing in my early spring herb garden:

1. Parsley

I was pleasantly surprised to find three curly parsleys that had started growing.

Curly parsley makes an appearance in my spring herb garden.

I love to grow curly parsley because you can even use it as a little temporary hedge around the garden. Italian or flat-leaved parsley is always the one recommended to be used for cooking.  Usually Italian or flat-leaved parsley is a biennial that last two years, but the leaves are only good that first year. I usually make sure that I have new parsley plants each year, but we have already started to use the curly parsley in our salads this spring. I remember my mom making me eat the curly parsley garnish on my plate when we went out to eat. Parsley is full of vitamins, even the curly kind.