Rocky Mountain Toast Recipe

| 7/24/2015 9:56:00 AM

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This tasty breakfast treat is my husband’s favorite! Based on my Mom’s recipe that uses eggs, this vegan version is totally satisfying.

rocky mountain toast

Rocky Mountain Toast Recipe

Makes 4 servings


4 slices whole grain bread
1 tablespoon vegan margarine
1 block (15 to 19 ounces) firm tofu, drained
1/2 cup shredded vegan cheese
1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon turmeric (to taste)
1/4 teaspoon tamari
1/8 teaspoon sea salt
Fresh pepper (optional)


1. Place a bread slice on a cutting board. Cut a hole in the center of the bread, about 2 or 3 inches in diameter, using a bread knife or cookie cutter. Continue with all four slices of bread. (Save the bread holes for bread crumbs for use in another recipe.)

2. Spread a bit of vegan margarine on each side of the bread slices. Set two of the bread slices into a large, non-stick fry pan. Turn the heat on medium-low and let the slices begin to brown on one side.

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