Open Sesame: Make Your Own Soba Noodles

| 7/17/2009 3:24:14 PM


Last summer I finally found a recipe to mix up my usual warm weather menu of “everything but the kitchen sink” pasta salads. Thank God for mothers—if my mom hadn’t cooked this for me when I was visiting her, I probably never would have tried to cook it myself.

I am now a huge fan of soba noodles and sesame oil, and with good reason. Both of these key ingredients are packed full of nutrients that can lower cholesterol and stabilize blood sugar.

Buckwheat, which makes up 80 percent of soba noodles, contains the compound rutin (a powerful flavanoid), plenty of protein and essential amino acids.

I usually use low-sodium soy sauce with the recipe so that the salt doesn’t overwhelm the taste or negate the health benefits. I love the unique flavors of this recipe: the sweet honey, the bitter vinegar and the nutty soba noodles. It can be served at whatever temperature suits your fancy, although I like it a little chilled to battle the summer heat.

Photo by Rubber Slippers in Italy/Courtesy Flickr