Make Homemade Crackers

| 4/6/2010 12:46:05 PM

GinaOur art director, Marci O'Brien, tries to avoid processed food as much as possible, but her and her family can not resist snacking on cheese and crackers. Usually she buys Kashi TLC crackers, but says that this brand can be costly. It wasn't until her husband thought out loud "I bet we could make these ourselves." Marci found a recipe from the Food Network website for Peppered Rosemary Oat Crackers.

Although the cost was minimal, the recipe required a lot of time. It took Marci and her daughter 45 minutes to make a batch versus the five minutes it usually takes to buy a box off the shelf of their local grocery store.

The batch made the equivalent of two Kashi TLC cracker boxes and turned out to be a fun project for Marci and her daughter.

"The flowers are because it's spring and the hearts are because
I love you and you love me," says Kayla, Marci's daughter.
Photo courtesy Marci O'Brien

Marci's Homemade Crackers

Makes 60 pieces