Make Homemade Cheez-It Crackers

| 8/11/2011 2:34:34 PM

J.PattonOne of my favorite childhood snacks was a delicious cheesy cracker: Cheez-It Original Baked Crackers.

That’s why I was so alarmed when I glanced at the nutritional information the last time I was grocery shopping. Twenty-seven crackers (which to a Cheez-It-crazed kid like I was is nothing) contain a whopping 160 calories. The crackers are made of mostly fat and carbohydrates, which isn’t exactly what I’m searching for these days. A serving of those yummy orange squares contains 10 percent of your daily sodium intake and saturated fat for the day. 

Troubled by this discovery, I checked out the calorie count on Kraft Cheese Nips and had similar findings—150 calories, 11 percent daily fat and 14 percent of your sodium for the day. The news didn’t get any better when I scanned the label on Nabisco Better Cheddars.

So, as I was aimlessly hitting the “Stumble” button on my new favorite website last night, I was pretty excited about this recipe I came across. It is a recipe for homemade baked cheese crackers that allows you to satisfy your snacking cravings without even leaving your home. Also, since you’re the chef behind the munchies, you can be sure of every single ingredient going in—minus all the preservatives in store-bought items. Enjoy!

These homemade crackers satisfy cravings while saving you from preservatives.
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Homemade Cheez-It Crackers 

2/13/2013 4:42:35 AM

CHEEZ-IT why not translate to KÄSZ-ES or KÄZZ-ES ?