Lovely Lilac: Edible Flower Recipes

| 4/15/2010 10:15:31 AM

A.TilsonSpring is one of my favorite times, not only for the warmer temperatures and bursts of color, but also because my birthday is in May.

On the day I was born, or so I’m told, the lilac bushes in Wisconsin were celebrating in full bloom. My father filled the hospital room with the many shades of purple blossoms and every birthday since then my mother has filled the house with them as well. That light, sweet smell evokes so many memories for me.

lilacs in window
Courtesy Flickr/Photo by Muffet

Last year I finally moved into a place with lilac bushes and couldn’t wait to revel in their aroma all spring long. Much to my chagrin, this year the sudden shift from winter to spring has shortened the spring season and caused the blooming lilacs here in Kansas to burst even earlier than normal! Rather than asking my mom to FedEx a box of fresh lilacs from Minnesota on my birthday, or stuffing the house with lilac-scented candles, I wanted to find some ways to preserve them a little longer.

lilac cupcake
Courtesy Flickr/Photo by QuintanaRoo

Luckily, I came across a few articles that will not only help me preserve my lilac flowers but also use them as edible garnishes on my birthday cake. First I’m going to try Kathy Thompson’s recipe for candied lilacs, but I’d also like to try Cathy Wilkinson Barash’s lilac sorbet and this recipe for lilac wine from the Grape Stomper website. Feel free to substitute your own favorite edible flowers in any of these recipes and enjoy spring flowers all summer long.