Love Your Basil: Spicy Globe Basil Risotto with Ruby Jewel Sweet Red Corn

| 1/16/2012 11:12:53 AM

R.Werst2Ramona Werst has a love for growing and cooking with basil. Currently, she has more than 30 varieties in her collection and she is adding to it all the time. She creates basil-infused recipes and would love to teach you how to love your basil! Visit Ramona's Basil Garden to download her free e-book, Love Your Basil.    

I was first introduced to Ruby Jewel Sweet Red Corn on Facebook. A page that I followed was bragging about this newly developed corn, so I just had to try it! Then I had to figure out how I wanted to prepare this really sweet corn. I decided to pair it up with 'Spicy Globe' basil; the mild spiciness from this basil would go nicely with the sweet flavor of the corn.

Ruby Jewel Sweet Red Corn 1-16-2012
Photo by David Werst 

When making Risotto, you can get creative. It can be a side dish, an appetizer or even a dessert. I have made it hot and spicy, mild and creamy, and even sweet with a chocolate drizzle. You can’t go wrong with the extra ingredients that you add once you master making the base Risotto. It’s tricky and time consuming, but once you have made risotto, you will really be hooked!

Making chicken stock from scratch adds a richness to the flavors. I make the Chicken Stock the night before so I can refrigerate and remove the layer of fat from the chicken stock. Also, risotto takes a lot of liquid and using canned chicken stock just doesn’t add the flavor that homemade chicken stock adds.

I also make the Basil Oil the night before. When it refrigerates, the basil infuses into the oil and then is easier to strain the next day, not losing any of its flavor. The Basil Oil when drizzled over the Risotto adds just a hint of basil flavor and dresses up the Risotto.