Late Summer Brings Jalapeno Pepper Bounty

| 8/9/2011 4:38:27 PM

I.ZwickerThe Hill Country Herbalist is a Texas native, an artist, a foodie, an herbalist, a body care product line maker, a nutritionist to dear friends and family, a person who deeply understands food sensitivities and intolerances and how foods can affect cognitive and physical health, a wife, a friend, and a lover of nature. Follow her herbal adventures at  

Hurray for summer and hurray for late summer harvests! One of the most prolific plants we have growing in the Hill Country Garden (besides tomatoes) is jalapeno. We are harvesting about 40 jalapenos a week—they are gorgeous, shiny and plump! We don't use any pesticides or toxic matter in our gardens, so this is all pure and unadulterated goodness!

Fresh jalapenos from the garden. 

I had to start thinking creatively here ... what to do with 40 jalapeno peppers per week? I've certainly given out plenty to friends so I had to think of responsible ways to preserve and celebrate this bounty.

Aha! Time for the dehydrator!

These sliced jalapenos are ready to dehydrate.