How to Can Pickles without a Canner

| 8/17/2015 5:00:00 AM

Since I was a child, I’ve loved pickles, especially in the summertime alongside a grilled dinner. But it wasn’t until I was much older that my taste for pickled items expanded and I began to crave a broader range of vegetables. What I discovered in the stores was that pickled items beyond cucumbers could be rather pricey. And then there was the simple fact that by late summer I had a ridiculous surplus of vegetables from my own garden filling up the fridge. It was here that I took a step back and wondered why I couldn’t pickle my own items.

As it was, I came up with a very short list.

1. I didn’t “know how”.
2. I didn’t have a canner.
3. I was terrified of something going wrong and making myself ill.

Thankfully, these three concerns were easily remedied by a little research—I discovered that I could pickle items without a canner, pickle items without concern of botulism, and have the items keep in the refrigerator for upwards of three months. The reason being that the brine (which I make from scratch and is heated up on the stove prior to packing the ingredients) contains herbs and spices that have preserving properties (not to mention the fact that the homemade brine is vinegar-based, which in itself is a natural preservative). This brine is where that fantastic “pickled” taste comes from, and it can be reused, within reason.

Summer Vegetable Medley 

Summer Vegetable Medley Pickles Recipe

Makes two 1-quart jars