Herbal Harvest: Pineapple Sage Jelly

| 10/15/2009 11:08:12 AM

N.HeraudYou can check out the Lemon Verbena Lady at her blog  http://lemonverbenalady.blogspot.com.

Pineapple Sage (Salvia elegans) is one of my favorite herbs. It needs to be used fresh though. When dried, it loses its flavor. I also love pineapple sage because it is definitely a wonderful fall blooming addition to your herb garden. The hummingbird loves it as well. I have not seen the hummingbird as consistently in the garden as last year. I think the cool summer has kept them from visiting as much.

A blooming pineapple sage plant. 

I spent a day making three different variations of a pineapple sage jelly. I used my favorite recipe from Renee Shepherd as a base recipe that uses scented basils as a flavor. The base was pineapple juice, not water, with the chopped up leaves of pineapple sage. I chose the frozen reconstituted juice not the canned pineapple juice. It was more economical because it made three recipes. The frozen juice had a good flavor and is not as dense as the canned juice. The three variations were rice wine vinegar, white wine vinegar or lemon juice. The three jellies look the same. They have a cloudy (not clear) look to them.

Three Variations of Pineapple Sage Jelly

Then came the true test—the Herbal Husband. I tested all three versions on him. We tried the jelly on an unsalted saltine with cream cheese. It doesn't sound good, but it gives you a very clear taste of the jelly. We decided that the rice wine vinegar and lemon juice jellies were best, followed by the white wine vinegar variation. They were so close in flavor though that any of the three were delicious!