5 Healthy Hacks for Busy Families

| 5/1/2018 12:05:00 PM

“I don’t know how you do it all!” 

A statement I frequently hear as a working mom of eight children, ages 2-15, who keep me just a little bit busy. My husband Ryan and I live in rural Tennessee where we chose the simple life which includes gardening, raising chickens, and other rural life chores. Ryan flips houses and manages rental properties, I teach and write, and we recently created a non-profit organization called The Lucas Project.

Yes, I’m probably in desperate need of a nap, but really, you may be wondering:

How does she balance it all?  Work and play and family and laundry and dirty toilets and feeding a crew that requires at least three solid meals a day and healthy, homemade meals at that?

Jess Ronne and family
Photo courtesy Jess Ronne

I realize we aren’t the only busy family in the world.  Sure, we have most people beat with the sheer number of children, but we do seek to eliminate busyness in other areas such as being selective with our social calendar, allowing each child to pick one extracurricular activity (and only if it fits into the family calendar) and prioritizing dinner time together at home over most other opportunities.