The Green Monster Spinach Smoothie

| 6/20/2011 12:22:51 PM

S.McCabeSo, I understand how healthy spinach is for your body, but (confession time) I don’t really love leafy greens. I know, I know, salad is so good for you and it’s an awesome low-calorie snack in the afternoons. However, I’ve just never gotten over the impression that I’m eating grass.

Still, I really want to be able to get my daily dose of this incredible vegetable, so I’ve had to figure out a way around eating salads everyday. And then I discovered this phenomenon: The Green Monster Movement. 

Or, in other words, spinach and fruit smoothies. Yes, it does sound a bit disgusting, but these smoothies are absolutely delicious. They contain two full servings of spinach, and yet you can’t actually taste the spinach at all. These smoothies are the perfect pick-me-up at breakfast and are great to replenish your strength after a hard work-out. There are so many different versions of this smoothie, and people all over the world love to share their own Green Monster recipes with others.

Here is the most basic Green Monster Smoothie recipe. With this as a base, you can add your favorite fruits, juices, seeds, extracts and powders to the smoothie to make the ideal drink for you.

6-20-11 green monster smoothie
The fruit in the smoothie camouflages the taste of the spinach.
Photo by Indigotimbre/Courtesy

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