Fall Favorites: Caramel Apple Cider & Apple Fritters

| 9/7/2011 4:52:15 PM

J.PattonJustine Patton is an editorial intern for The Herb Companion magazine. 

The fact that I love hot weather is definitely not news to my friends or family. For a long time, I’ve wished the sweltering summer season Kansas experiences each year would just stay here forever. But after the weeks of heat advisories and 100 plus temperatures, even I am a little excited by the coming of fall.

When I was a kid, my mom would take my brother and me to the Red Barn Farm in Weston, Missouri every October. There, we would pick pumpkins, munch on apple fritters and sip on apple cider to keep us warm. So, every time fall comes around, I start craving those treats from my childhood. Now, I will share them with you.

Since I started my college career, I discovered coffee, which of course led to another discovery—Starbucks. But coffee isn’t always the best idea—especially when I’m out making evening shopping ventures. So, sometimes, I spring for the apple cider instead. Yummy! Here is a recipe for apple cider that is supposed to mimic the coffee shops’.

Nothing beats a cup of warm apple cider on a brisk autumn night.
Photo by 3liz4/Courtesy

Caramel Apple Cider