Edible Delights: 3 Nasturtium Recipes

| 8/11/2010 10:54:17 AM

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Because The Herbal Husband is originally from Peru, we like to have tropical plants from Peru in our garden. The nasturtium (Tropaeolum majus) is our favorite edible flower and it is native to Peru. The flowers and leaves are both edible and are peppery in taste. Did you know that King Louis XIV of France and President Thomas Jefferson grew nasturtiums in their gardens? They are easy to grow from seeds and especially easy for kids learning how to plant from seed in their garden. Here are my nasturtiums last season. These were Dutch seeds that did beautifully in the cooler weather we had last season.

Check out last season's nasturtiums, grown from Dutch seeds!
Photo by Nancy Heraud

The jewel-like tones of the flowers are what is so inviting to me.

This year's nasturtiums have been fried by the hot weather.
Photo by Nancy Heraud

This photo is from this season. The leaves are a little fried by all of the hot weather we have been having. We planted a mixture of different varieties this year. One of these varieties are from Territorial Seeds and its called 'Night and Day'. It has both light and dark flowers in the mix. Another one of our varieties is from Renee's Garden and it is called 'Whirlybird'. I like this one particularly because it does not have a spur on the back where little insects like to hide. Some say that the spur adds to the peppery flavor of the flower and maybe 'Whirlybird' is just a bit milder.