Let's Celebrate! August is National Peach Month

| 8/18/2011 10:53:19 AM

J.PattonToday, more than halfway through the month of August, I made a discovery, and I felt a little behind in the game. August is National Peach Month.

There are many reasons to belatedly celebrate this occasion. Here are a few: The potassium in peaches can actually prevent anxiety, muscle weakness, poor memory and skin problems. This flavorful fruit is also packed full of fiber, which can help prevent colon cancer and lower cholesterol levels as well. When you bite into a juicy peach slice, you’re also munching on a great source of vitamin C, which boosts the immune system and prevents multiple types of cancer.

The peach contains many health benefits, and its sweet flavor makes it the perfect
choice for the whole family.
Photo by sabdesigns/Courtesy

So, in honor of National Peach Month, here is a delicious recipe for peach cobbler I found. It’s true that this scrumptious dessert isn’t the healthiest dish you can make with peaches, so after baking it, cut yourself a skinny slice and find a few other friends to help you honor this fabulous fruit.

Peach Cobbler