Innovation in Winemaking: Interview with Heather Pyle, CalNaturale

| 5/15/2012 10:29:24 AM

I love pouring myself a big glass of wine after work. But on nights when it’s just my boyfriend and I eating a simple dinner, it’s difficult to finish off a big bottle of wine.

Instead of uncorking a bottle, I like to get smaller Tetra Paks of CalNaturale wine to share over weeknight dinners. While boxed wine sometimes gets a bad rap, there’s really no quality difference in packaged wines versus bottled wines—if you choose good quality in the first place, that is.

Good quality wine starts with innovation in the barrel and organic farming in the field. I talked with CalNaturale’s head winemaker, Heather Pyle, to learn a little more about how organic, Tetra Pak wine can fit in with every other bottle at liquor store.

calnaturale cabernet sauvignon 

How do you balance being a wine traditionalist with being a leader in 1) organic winemaking and 2) eco-friendly wine packaging?   

I actually see them going hand in hand. Traditionally, agriculture was not done at the expense of the earth, but rather with respect and deference to it. It is only when yield and/or income are the main drivers that the earth suffers.