A Twist On Tea: Make a Cucumber and Cilantro Drink

| 4/21/2011 9:36:42 AM

DebDeb's family owns a small herb farm and herbal skin care business in Porterfield, Wisconsin. It is there that they play and work with herbs on a daily basis.  Deb is a Master Gardener Volunteer, organizer of a local herb group, and a teaches herb-related and soap-making classes for a local technical college, folk school, and right on the farm. (www.petermanbrookherbfarm.com)

Here in Wisconsin we have a small herb group that meets on a monthly basis. Recently, we met at Lara’s house where she served us Green Water.

She simply used fresh cilantro and a thinly sliced, peeled cucumber and served it on ice in an elegant, tall-stemmed glass. This cool and refreshing drink was the libation that members dove for first. The blend of cilantro and cucumber was an excellent combination.

4-21-2011-green water
Lara's Green Water is on the right; her citrus blend is on the left.
Photo by Lara Lakari

She also served us a citrus blend using wedges of lemon, orange, lime, and apple. This got me thinking about all the possible beveration combinations. Here's what I came up with:

• Rosemary and peppermint
• Lemon balm and lemon wedges
• Basil and lime