The Ayurvedic Kitchen

Age-old practices let you enjoy good karma and good food.

| September/October 2004

  • Photo By Povy Kendal Atchison

When “greening” a kitchen, we tend to concentrate on building materials and other elements that harmonize our external environment. Often overlooked, though, are efforts to harmonize our internal environment. To truly embrace natural living, think about how you can use your space to promote balance within yourself. Think about remodeling the way you procure, prepare, and consume food in your kitchen.

The ancient science of ayurveda—a 5,000-year-old healing tradition from India—offers insight into principles and practices that complement a natural home and kitchen. It offers Westerners specific tenants we can borrow to live more in accordance with nature.

Rightly Procured Food (Lalshya)

Ayurveda teaches that where our food comes from is as important as what we do with it. Focus on foods that grow in your area and eat them in season. Be sure your produce is fully ripe and at the pinnacle of freshness; a food’s vitality affects its digestibility. Fresh, local foods have the most healing qualities.

Co-op groceries, community-supported agriculture programs, and farmer’s markets are excellent ways to get sustainably produced food.

Right Preparation (Kaarana)

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