Drink It Up: Natural, Healthy Summer Drinks

Enjoy a taste of summer with one of these refreshing drinks.

| July/August 2005

  • Tazo BrambleberryIced Tea
  • Hansen’s Cherry Vanilla Creme
  • Glaceau Vitamin Water, Essential Orange
  • Tazo BrambleberryIced Tea
  • Stonyfield Farm Peach Smoothie
  • Izze Pomegranate Sparkling Juice

For family picnics, relaxing on the front porch, or brisk morning runs, refreshing drinks are a summer necessity. To give you the “bottoms up,” Natural Home assembled a discerning panel of drink divas to sample a score of beverages. Here are their picks. Cheers!

Natural Soda
BrandHansen's Cherry, Vanilla Creme
Tasters' Notes: Rich cherry flavor mingles happily with exotic Madagascar vanilla
Why It's Healthy: Triple-filtered water, all-natural Washington cherries; no preservatives, sodium or caffeine

Natural Energy Drink
BrandGlacéau Vitamin Water, Essential Orange
Tasters' Notes: Just enough orange flavor to revive and refresh without weighing you down.
Why It's Healthy: Abundance of vitamin C and electrolytes in vapor-distilled water 

Organic Iced Tea
BrandTazo Brambleberry Iced Tea
Tasters' Notes: Like drinking a flower. Fruitiness balances evenly with tea flavor, so it's not overly sweet.
Why It's Healthy: Hibiscus flowers, rosehips, lemongrass; caffeine free

Organic Yogurt/Fruit Smoothie
BrandStonyfield Farm Peach Smoothie
Tasters' Notes: Shall I drink a peach? Creamy, light, delightful texture and taste. A hearty thumbs up from our five-year-old taste tester.
Why It's Healthy: Live-active yogurt cultures, organic peaches and inulin (helps increase calcium absorption)

Sparkling Juice
BrandIzze Pomegranate Sparkling Juice
Tasters' Notes: The often-overlooked pomegranate lends crisp, sweet-tart flavor to a summer MVP.
Why It's Healthy: Every 12-ounce bottle provides a single serving of fruit.

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