Food and Recipes

Find recipes and tips for a healthy diet based on local, seasonal eating.

Start Your Meal with Healthy Soups

By Tabitha Alterman

Begin your meal with healthy soups to get more nutrients and eat less overall.

Giving Thanks: Celebrate Local Foods This Holiday Season

By Tabitha Alterman

Use our tips for sourcing and cooking local foods for a bountiful holiday meal.

Energizing Mashed Sweet Potato Recipe

Get an energy boost with this mashed sweet potato recipe that is chock-full of potassium.

A Mother’s Advice: Making Homemade Baby Food

By Dr. Jean Lalau Keraly

Use these organizational tips to start creating homemade baby food that is delicious and healthy.


Using a Dehydrator to Preserve Food (Video)

Discover how using a food dehydrator can help you preserve summer's bounty.

Healthy Salads

Learn the basics of growing greens, making homemade salad dressing, and building delicious seasonal salads with these healthy salads from Mother Earth Living.

All About Dandelion: Recipes, Harvesting Tips and More

The plentiful dandelion plant provides several health benefits, and its leaves can be cooked, incorporated into salads and even infused into wine. Learn all about dandelion with this handy guide to our top related content.

Homemade Snacks

With all the excess sodium and hidden, dangerous preservatives in prepackaged foods, it’s usually a smart (and delicious) option to make your own snacks from scratch. Try some of our favorite, healthy snacking recipes to satisfy your next craving.