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Find recipes and tips for a healthy diet based on local, seasonal eating.

All About Dandelion: Recipes, Harvesting Tips and More

The plentiful dandelion plant provides several health benefits, and its leaves can be cooked, incorporated into salads and even infused into wine. Learn all about dandelion with this handy guide to our top related content.

Homemade Snacks

With all the excess sodium and hidden, dangerous preservatives in prepackaged foods, it’s usually a smart (and delicious) option to make your own snacks from scratch. Try some of our favorite, healthy snacking recipes to satisfy your next craving.

Vanilla Facts: Everything You Need to Know

By Shauna Sever

Sweets expert Shauna Sever dishes up some important vanilla facts for your next baking project.

Lions, Tigers and Herbs: Tomato Basil Pistou Recipe

By Laura Daily

Learn how to make tomato basil pistou with herbs for your health.


Sweeten Your Breakfast with Herbal Syrup: Blueberry-Orange Syrup with Vanilla

By Terri Pischoff Wuerthner

Mix up your favorite sweet blueberry syrup by adding orange juice concentrate and vanilla extract for a new spin on a classic recipe.

The Scary Herbs of Halloween

By Joanna Poncavage

Get the scoop on the spookiest fruits and herbs of Halloween.

Claret Cup Recipe

When you indulge in this Claret Cup Recipe, just as the Roman and Celtic warriors drank borage-steeped wine for courage, it will chase away your worries and fears.

Fire Cider Recipe

This recipe for Fire Cider is a hot and zesty immunity booster that can easily be adapted to your taste.