Food and Recipes

Find recipes and tips for a healthy diet based on local, seasonal eating.

Daily Diet Tips

By Tabitha Alterman

Cultivate the best eating habits with this quick and easy guide.

Take a Dip!: Whole-food Appetizers

By Tabitha Alterman

Try these healthy dip recipes from restaurateur and cookbook author Yotam Ottolenghi.

The Slow Loss of Endangered Foods

By Simran Sethi

Learn how a lack of agricultural biodiversity is causing dietary issues, and threatens the disappearance of our favorite foods.

Easy Mediterranean Meals

By Suzy Karadsheh

These simple, nutritious dinners are packed with great ingredients, and use only one dish for great no-fuss cooking.


Guide to Olive Oil Varieties

By Mother Earth Living Staff

Olive oils come in a range of varieties, each with a different flavor profile. Learn which ones fit your palate.

So You're at the Store...An Olive Oil Buyer's Guide

By Tabitha Alterman

Try these buying tips for reading labels and ensuring you get the best extra virgin olive oil for your money.

Buy the Best Olive Oil

By Tabitha Alterman

Label claims on olive oil bottles don’t always mean quality. Learn how to practice smart food shopping, and get tips on good olive oil brands.

Case Study: Expanding Wheat Varieties for Flavor and Sustainability

By Simran Sethi

In an effort to reduce shipping inefficiencies, a group of geneticists, farmers and bakers bring more wheat diversity – and tastier breads – to the east coast.