Take the Decisions Out of Menu Planning

If you are overwhelmed with meal planning for your family, follow these simple steps to get organized and simplify your evening.

| August 2018

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    Create a basic list to use at the grocery list each week.
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    “Be Organized” provides reader with simple tips to try to in your daily lives.
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Learn how to organize the small and daunting tasks in your life with Be Organized: Reclaim 90 Minutes of Your Day, Every Day  (Cedar Fort, 2018) by Marie Ricks. If you are easily overwhelmed with everyday tasks then this book will help you to discover new and creative ways to handle the small tasks you face rather than putting them put off. Find out how you can save time in your everyday life. This excerpt can be found in chapter 7, “Fast Food to Fine Food.” 

After the kitchen and pantry are in order, the next step is to move from “fast food to fine food” by putting together a Master Menu. Make a simple, one-page plan listing seven options for breakfast and lunch. This part of the Master Menu can be rotated on a weekly basis. Then list a variety of main meals you will serve on a monthly rotating basis. A young mother with picky eaters may find that setting up seven evening meals on a rotating basis keeps the kids happy and the cook even happier.

Two people might find that a two-week dinner Master Menu suits their needs because they cook one night and eat leftovers the next. More exotic cooks might find they want to have one month’s worth of different meals before they duplicate menus again. The concept is to set something up and then rotate through the Master Menus without having to make any decisions.

The Master Menu format. If, for example, a home manager is comfortable with a four-week outline, his or her Master Menu form would include columns for “Day of the week,” “bread,” “vegetable,” and “fruit.” It is most useful not only to list the days of the week, but also to give each day an official name to categorize the meals:



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